Spedit is a product for CMS users under any release of IBM Corporation's VM/ESA or zVM operating systems. Spedit is a utility program which allows simple display functions of the contents of the CMS user's spoolfiles. There is no large storage size or disk space requirement, so even large spoolfiles may be displayed.

Spedit provides an environment which appears similar to the system editor and uses familiar commands and PF keys. This greatly reduces the amount of time needed for a new user to become productive with the product.

Product Synopsis

Spedit is a single CMS module residing on a public mini-disk. Spedit loads itself as a CMS Nucleus extension to reduce overhead. There is a profile for PF key settings which may be on either the user's A-disk or on a public mini-disk. The spoolfiles are not disturbed in the VM spool space, but are displayed on the user's terminal in a read-only mode.

This organization removes any need of a large CMS machine size for operation and still allows the greatest utility in displaying spoolfiles. Due to control totals or error messages often appearing at the end of large files, it is most efficient to view the last page of a report before printing it. If it is determined that the file then needs to be printed, a single command will do so.

Most of the Spedit commands can be performed by a single PF key. Only the commands which require scanning a large portion of the file (such as locating a string which does not exist) involve any noticeable delay.


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