SpamAssassin is an excellent Anti-Spam tool for Unix/Linux users. Using it with IMail on Windows used to require purchasing a product, such as Declude, that does Anti-Spam functions for IMail, and having that add-on product call SpamAssassin. However, SpamAssassin is such a good tool by itself, why would anyone want another program in the mix? Beats us. So, we developed the following native caller process for IMail 8.13. We've tested it with IMail 6.02, so it probably works with any version from 6 on up. Let us know if you find it works on 5 or you have a problem with any higher level. It has been tested on Server 2000, 2003 and 2008.


IMail: The SpamAssassin Caller (SAC) was developed and tested with IMail 8.13 on Windows 2000 Server/SP4. It works fine with other IMail/OS combinations

ActivePerl: SpamAssassin is written primarily in Perl and so a Perl installation is required. SAC was developed and tested using ActivePerl 5.8.4 (available from SAC full ships with a copy of ActivePerl

SpamAssassin: SAC was developed and tested using SpamAssassin 3.0.0 (available from SAC works even better with the newer versions. SAC full ships with a copy of SpamAssassin 3.2.5. There are two minor modifications to the distributed code.

SpamAssassin Caller package (SAC): This package consists of two small executables, a trivial .cmd file and some registry settings to customize SAC's behavior.

Demos, Downloads and purchases

So click here to register and get a Full-function, limited time Demonstration version or to purchase a permanent license for only $45.


The SAC files are distributed in a zip file. Unzip to a convenient location (like c:\SAC) with Use Folder Names. This does not install SAC. You will manually drag some files to your IMail installation to activate SAC. You can refer to various components as you read through the rest of this documentation


Installing Active Perl involves downloading the software from (ActivePerl-, 16M or ActivePerl-, 14M, included in, not in and running the installation program. We recommend you take all the default settings.


There is an excellent piece on installing SpamAssassin on Windows at SpamAssassin itself is available at (~1.5 Megabye) and also is included in The NMAKE15.EXE from Microsoft referenced in the document is also provided. You can get it yourself, or just drag nmake.exe and nmake.err from the SAC zipfile to \perl\bin.

Run the instructions as documented. "Build spamc" won't work unless you have the C compiler and libraries set up. If not, answer "n". Even if you are set up for C, you can answer "n" because we need a modification to spamc (source supplied) and have already compiled/supplied it.

SpamAssassin Caller:

The actual SpamAssassin Caller module is sac.exe. You just drag it and sacserver.exe from the zipfile to your IMail directory. All configuration parameters come from the Registry. After installing sac.exe, you may test it's settings by opening a command window (Start|Run|Cmd), cd to \IMail, start the server with "start sacserver" and "sac -D". You will see a diagnostic panel showing all your configured settings. You modify the configuration using REGEDIT. Drill to HKLM/Software/SpamAssassin Caller.

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